FSX Aircraft ToolBox

FSX Aircraft ToolBox 1.0

Aircraft Viewer - Loads and Displays all Installed FSX Aircraft
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The Aircraft Viewer will search your FSX folder and visually display all installed aircraft, both default and add-on, outside of the FSX aircraft dialog. It uses a "reference card" type display with some basic information on the aircraft and the aircraft thumbnail. Each one of these details can be edited directly on the card if desired. The Aircraft Explorer is a tree display which allows you to navigate the aircraft files and perform many functions such as enabling/disabling entire groups of aircraft, determining if the aircraft is default or add-on, inspect many of the files that make up the model, backing up and restoring an entire aircraft group and more. The FSX Folder page is a fully-integrated Windows file explorer with full OLE drag and drop capabilities. It is anchored at the root FSX folder which allows you to quickly inspect the FSX directory and all its files. The Code Editor is where CFG and HTM files are loaded when you click on them in the Aircraft Explorer (or when double-clicking the aircraft caption in the Aircraft Viewer). It has full syntax hi-lighting to aid code readability and in the case of HTM (reference and checklist files) you can also preview the changes made in the integrated web browser.

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